Has someone from PERSOLKELLY contacted you, and you're unsure if they are legitimate?

Verify their identity in three easy steps.

Job searching can be hard enough without worrying about whether the job opportunity or employment offer is genuine. Open sources like free web-based email services, mobile apps, and social media chat platforms are efficient and convenient. Still, it's easy to impersonate someone else.

Here, you can quickly verify if a person is a legitimate PERSOLKELLY employee using their name and email address.

Here's how

Before providing any personal information, follow these steps:

  1. Request the person's PERSOLKELLY email address - all current PERSOLKELLY employees have a company email address. If they cannot provide this, it's likely to be a scam.
  2. Enter your name and the email provided and click ‘Verify’. The system will generate a unique random code and display it on the screen. This unique code will also be emailed directly to the PERSOLKELLY employee.
  3. Request and verify the code with this person. Do not provide the code to them. If they cannot give you a code or their code does not match, it's likely a scam. If the code matches, you can be assured this is a genuine PERSOLKELLY employee.

PERSOLKELLY is committed to ensuring your employment experience with us is positive. We would never ask candidates for money or fees in any form. We strictly adhere to the PDPA standards outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Quick Verify Current PERSOLKELLY Employee: